Tinna Overseas limited is a market leader in the field of bituminous products, the company has captured substantial share due to the high quality, realibility and customer satisfaction. The Company also have interest in Winery, Agri Business and ware housing.

Tinna Overseas Limited founded in 1984, it is a professionally managed, rapidly expanding manufacturing and marketing oraganisation headed under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Bhupinder Kumar Sekhri, who lays strong emphasis on utilization of modern technology for qualitative services and business efficiency geared towards complete customer satisfaction and achieving miletones. He had the vision of introducing innovative technologies in our country as way back as in 1980's. Some of the achievements of the group in the past are:

  • Automation of rubber compounding for manufacturing soling sheets in 1980's with Japanese collaboration.
  • Introducing lightweight rubber compound in 1980's for producing footwear.
  • Invested in the first automated footwear assembly line in 1990's.
  • Introduced new soiling compound known as thermoplastic rubber in 1990's. The group was among the few in the world at that time to have the know how of this technology.
  • TOL was one of the largest exporters of agro commodities in 1990's.
  • TOL was the largest manufacturer of footwear in India.
  • TOL has aggessively marketed the technology of enhancing the properties of bitumen.
  • TOL was the pioneer in Crumb Rubber Modifier technology which was greatly contributed to improving performance and longevity of Indian Roads.
  • TOL has installed plants at various locations across India ( North, South, East & West )for the manufacturing of crumb rubber powder and reclaim rubber. The Company has installed State of the Art equipment imported from USA and China and deployed best manufacturing processes at its manufacturing sites
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